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June 17, 2010, 12:59 pm
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A couple of weeks back I took a mini vacation down to visit a New York expat friend. When I say vacation I mean I went and did work in a friend’s apartment rather than my own. But I also got to do some eating. Because that’s how I stay alive. I also did some breathing and drinking.

We started with a meal at Creme, a little modern-southern place. We shared the wild mushrooms topped with (I think) Parmesan.

I have not met a mushroom I didn’t like. Well. Those giant ones that push up the asphalt back at home and ruin our driveway…I’m not entirely fond of them. But in the edible fungus category there is not a one that I would turn down. These were rich, cheesy and super satisfying. But not so satisfying that we weren’t ready for the next course.

My lady friend ordered the crab cakes, which were a perfect ratio of crab to other ingredients. Meaning lots o’ crab.

I got the shrimp and grits, which also came with spicy sausage. This was something I could happily have every night. The southern girl in me loves grits.

The next night we went out for the one thing DC does better than NYC: Ethiopian. We started with these samosa like things.

And then went on to the main dish of springy, sour dough injera and piles of meat and vegetable. I got so excited about the whole amalgam that I forgot to snap a photo. Oops. But best thing on the plate? A raw, finely minced, spiced beef concoction.

Later that night after a few cocktails we were hungry again. Big surprise. So we hit up Ben’s Chili Bowl for some sausages. Here they are grilling away.

We also picked up some cheese fries. Look at that delicious, nearly flavorless plastic cheese…

I didn’t eat that kind of cheese until a couple of years ago. In fact I didn’t really eat any sort of melted cheese (except for pizza) until high school. Don’t worry, I’ve been making up for lost time like whoa.

Check out this beefy sausage. Slightly burnt, just like I like to make them, so they have a great snappy casing.

Obama’s been there. So it must be good. And it was.


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D.C. (Annandale, VA) also does Korean better than NYC.

Comment by Jonathan Doughtry

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