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Redhook Ball Fields
June 3, 2010, 3:55 pm
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I’ve spoken of the wonders of Flushing many times. But now I have a new wonderland of food in my life. If Flushing is the Disney World of food then the Redhook ball fields are Disneyland. It’s smaller in area and in variety but that doesn’t make it any less of a happy place.

It was threatening rain a couple of Sundays ago when I finally made it through the transportation hell that I was required to trudge through in order to make it to Redhook. But it was holding off. Because somewhere, some weather god knew that I needed to eat Salvadorian and Mexican food. And I needed to eat it while dry.

First up was a greasy, messy, delicious pork Huarache: oblong, fried masa topped with whatever the cook wants. I was frazzled, sweaty and hungry so I didn’t stop to take a picture before joining the hurache eating circle. We split one between three people and, while I did ingest some of the plate, I think even without that I would have been satisfied with that amount…for the first course that is.

It was time for some famed pupusas. And much like the best ride at Disneyland (Space Mountain) that required standing in line. Unlike Disneyland, we were standing in line while eating ceviche. Mixed seafood ceviche. Yum.

Shrimp, squid, octopus, some sort of white fish, onions, all marinated in deliciousness. Split between two people one of these was actually pretty filling.

By the time we were finished we were at the front of the line and had ordered out pupusas. I, of course, went with pork. Because why would you choose anything but pork if you were given it as an option?

A buddy also got a sangria soda.

No alcohol. Sangria without alcohol. Fizzy non-alcoholic sangria. He seemed to like it. I refused to try it. I had an excuse: I was sick. But mostly I disagree with the concept of its existence.

But never mind that, there were pupusas to be had!

Pupusas are Salvadorian. They’re handmade corn tortillas filled with cheese and whatever else. I topped mine off with some fresh crema and hot sauce with jalapenos and cooling cabbage on the side. Ulimately incredibly satisfying.

I’ll be back there soon to tackle some more dishes.


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