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Whiskey with a Pickle Back – not a weird Nickelback spin-off
April 20, 2010, 2:42 pm
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I don’t follow soccer. It inspires painful, awkward memories of PE classes in grade school, which I would spend trying to avoid contact with the ball at all costs. But when a friend invited me to accompany him at a Sunday morning of soccer watching I said yes. Because it was at a bar. And I like bars on Sundays. Woodwork out in Prospect Heights is a kind of high end soccer bar. All dark wood and large windows it serves up small nibbles like cheese plates and homemade pickles. The beer list is extensive and the bloody marys are excellent with large olives hiding at the bottom. They also have shots of whiskey paired with a pickle juice back, which is pictured above. It wasn’t …good. But there was something oddly satisfying about it. The shot of whiskey was shot of whiskey like. Then the shot of pickle juice was ok, then there was a moment of bitter awfulness and then it mellowed out and the idea of another one didn’t seem so bad.

Oh, and that team we were rooting for won. Yippee.


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