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The Incredible, Edible, Egg in an Egg
April 1, 2010, 12:59 pm
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This fairly normal-seeming if incredibly vividly yellow (iphone taken and edited photo…) item was my lunch last Tuesday. Looks like a normal omelet, right? Look closer. The dark yellow spilling out of the Hollandaise-topped egg-dish is not cheese – it’s egg yolk. Yes, folks. This is the illusive poached egg omelet: A three-egg omelet filled with Gruyere and a poached egg. It’s artery clogging and cholesterol raising just to look at this thing. Who has it? Why it can be seen in the…flesh? yolk? egginess? at the Roebling Tea Room in my home ‘hood of Williamsburg. Served with some sliced baguette and lightly dressed lettuce it is one of the most satisfying items I’ve ever eaten. An orgy of egg. I paired it with a large (double) bloody mary, which is what you should do. The Tea Room’s bloodies are just spicy enough and contain some excellently large and meaty olives. Bill Murray has been known to knock back a few. No lie.


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Does your father know about this? 🙂

Comment by Mike Duffy

this looks awesome. i must have it. along with the bloody of course. great find.

Comment by Brandon Carroll

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