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Happy Chinese Presi-Valen-New-Tines Years Day!
February 16, 2010, 7:06 pm
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Valentine’s day for a single lady is usually a day full of wallowing and chocolate or other ladies and booze. Mine was neither. And it was awesome. I went to my favorite place on earth, Flushing, with two of my favorite people to nosh with. We spent the day eating in the Flushing Mall, wandering the streets, watching the many five person Chinese New Year parades (it was weird…just random dragons and some dudes with drums meandering around…Happy year of the tiger!!) and then finishing up at the now famed Xi’an Famous Foods for an entire other meal. Unfortunately in my eagerness to escape to Queens I forgot my camera. Luckily Larry was there with his giant camera to save the day and alienate the locals.

From the Flushing Mall food court. Stomach:

Yum. This being Flushing there wasn’t much in the way of English translation. I’m guessing this was cow stomach, though it could have been pig. Whatever it was it was delicious. It wasn’t chewy like stomach so often it. It was lightly springy but mostly tender and spiked with vinegar and spicy oil.

Next up was the spicy tendon.

Holy jeez so good. Again, tender and refreshing with spicy chillies, oil and a spike of vinegar and green onion. I could eat many plates of this. Hands down best tendon ever.

Also eaten in the mall: giant soup dumplings, den den mein, lamb dumplings and cold, sweet soy milk.

Then on to Xi’an Famous Foods, which is in the bowels of another mall on Main St. It’s cramped. It’s hot. It smells like stinky tofu. For me that’s heaven. We came in looking to eat one or two more dishes but instead were convinced to order a feast by the very amiable dude that was manning the counter. Pictures of him with Anthony Bourdain on the wall made it clear that we were in good hands.

We had the Spicy Tingly Lamb Face Salad:

I can only describe this as facey. It really had a very face-ish quality to it. And spicy/tingly it was.

Then we were told to get the Lamb Spine for good luck:

I can use all the luck I can get. If it means eating spectacular, gamey, rich, slow-cooked lamb meat then I am all for it. This dish was particularly hard to eat with chopsticks. I resorted to using my fingers by the end but if you wanted to get all the meat you probably would have to resign yourself to going caveman on its bony self.

We also at the lamb burger, cold skin noodles and tiger vegetable salad.

Thanks Genny and Larry for the best valentine’s a lady could ask for: one full of dangerously large amounts of overeating scrumptious Chinese food. And Happy New Year, kids.


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I wouldn’t have wanted to eat the face of a baby lamb with anyone else!

Comment by genny

[…] of steel and will happily bulldoze through three meals worth of food in two hours while on a day trip to Queens, I am a Californian. And in California we eat things like fresh vegetables and fruit and […]

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