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When Celeb Chef Meets Food Truck
February 9, 2010, 12:49 am
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Today I ate out of a food truck. Two food trucks actually. But I wasn’t getting chicken and rice. I wasn’t getting a kati roll or a hot dog. I wasn’t even getting roasted chestnuts. I was eating food prepared by some very talented chefs.


Because NBC New York set up four of New York’s top chefs with four food trucks and four secret locations and times. Then they handed out virtual golden tickets. And a lucky few got to pimp their lunch hours. (Is that reference too old? Then call me retro and while you’re at it get jiggy with it.)

First up was Paul Liebrandt of Corton.

This was his truck.

This was his menu. Cod croquettes with homemade potato chips.

This was him with his cones of food. It was a bit early – 11am and keep in mind yesterday was the Superbowl or as I like to call it the Beer Extravaganza so it felt earlier – and I was not at my perkiest. He made fun of me because I was a bit overwhelmed and a tad in awe (he’s a bit of a big deal) and called me shy. So I blushed and giggled and took a cone.

Here’s a cone closeup. The croquettes were crunchy and bursting with fishy saltiness. They reminded me a bit of baccala. The chips were delicate and crispy, like thin potato petals.

Here is a closeup of Chef Liebrandt. Can you see why I giggled a bit?

After a bit of digesting it was off to another secret location to see the great Alain Ducasse whose resume is far too long to put into one sentence. Suffice it to say, the man can cook.

Chef Ducasse’s truck. It quite crowded. People who walked by without golden e-tickets glared at us with both jealousy and annoyance because New Yorkers do not like it when people are eating lunch in their paths of progress.

Here is Chef Ducasse dishing out his food looking like the professional that he is.

Here he is making a funny face.

Here is proof of how crowded it was. I could not get a clear shot of the menu as there was never a break in the line. But I will summarize. He was serving a tarte flambée, choucroute and a meringue for dessert.

Mmmm choucroute. Delicious boudin blanc, a spicy sausage and thick slices of ham all on top of scrumptiously tangy sauerkraut.

Meringue, I found out, is not very photogenic. It mostly just looks like a baguette. But it was very sweet and melted in your mouth (not in your hand – the retro referencer strikes again!).

All in all a good lunch hour, I’d say.


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Good pictures.

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