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January 19, 2010, 5:27 pm
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Best Cellars is not one to throw money at its employees. They use their money wisely by buying delicious yet economically sound bottles to sell to loyal customers. But when we throw a party we throw it right. With two giant bottles of bubbly:

You can’t tell. But that thing is huge. It’s about the size of my leg. And while I have short legs for a person of 5′ 6”, that is still an impressive size. It fits the equivalent of 12 bottles of wine.

Oh, and you’ll have to forgive the photography. I have been playing with my new camera and teaching myself Adobe Photoshop so things may look a little…well…self indulgent some times. Bear with me.

Our fearless leader, Alex, easing the slightly larger than average cork out of bottle number two (it only took us a bit over an hour to take care of bottle number one).

He managed to open it up with only the slightest hiss of release from the bottle.

Also, being a giant, Alex was able to pour the bottle all by himself. Ta da! Yes, we poured it into a pitcher. It looked like beer.

The cups we used didn’t help. But us Best Cellars kids aren’t pretentious. We’re happy to drink our Champagne out of plastic cups. Actually, we’re happy to drink most things out of plastic cups.


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Focus, or at least let the camera focus. Wait until the camera beeps before you take the shot. And frame, use or don’t use the zoom.

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