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One Way to Deal With Babies
December 4, 2009, 1:50 pm
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While the family was here for Thanksgiving we decided to brave the Museum of Natural History on Thanksgiving Eve. This was a daring feat due to the fact that the balloons were being blown up right around the corner meaning that there were children galore on the Upper West Side.

But before we entered the museum and learned all sorts of fun dino-facts we had a spot of lunch at the UWS Shake Shack, which happened to be where all the children were lunching as well. But the shack has you covered for that. Here’s my meal:

There’s the famed Shack Burger, which for me still can’t compare with the In-N-Out burger of my teen years but is still crispy and delicious. There’s the order of fries, which as always are crinkle up, not my favorite cut but they serve their purpose. And there’s…wait…that’s not a soda…that’s not water…that’s….wine! Yup. That’s how you deal with a burger shack full of screaming babies: You order a bottle of rose. Thank you Danny Meyer. Good thinking.


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Certainly explains why the French had the good sense to serve wine at EuroDisney

Comment by Terry Sterling

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