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Things I Love at Prune
September 22, 2009, 2:56 pm
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Two of my favorite people abandoned me for better things at the end of last month. So in one last effort to bribe them into staying I took them to one of my favorite New York restaurants: Prune. We started with cocktails: an awesome Pimm’s Cup for me, followed by a really fantastic Sidecar that made me want to invest in some shmancy martini glasses so I could make my own. And then we went on to the best part of the meal, the appetizers. 

First up, bone marrow. 


Oh how I love thee, marrow. I tried to explain bone marrow to a friend this past weekend and the best I could do was say that it was “like butter, but better.” I think that really still doesn’t do it justice. Spread on crusty, thick pieces of toast and topped with coarse sea salt and a sprig of parsley, it’s as close to perfection as a humble meal can get. If my new place had an oven, I would be attempting to make it this coming winter. But alas. No oven. Do you think small bones would work in a toaster oven? hmm….I see an upcoming post in the future…or an upcoming visit from the fire department! 

Along with the bone marrow we ordered some nice sardines, which were tasty but a bit pickly for my taste. And we also had an order of the gods of offal: sweetbreads. 

Fried sweetbreads with bacon, capers and brown butter. They’re the small kind so they were thymus glands (right, Papa?) rather than the pancreas. Regardless of what gland they were, they were delicious. So rich and creamy and crisp. They will be what gives me an inevitable case of gout later in life. 

Alas, my friends were wooed by the food but not enough to stay. Sniff. Ah well, at least I still have Prune.


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