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Spam, spam, spam, spam…
September 21, 2009, 11:13 am
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A while back a few friends and I got together for a dinner party. Because we’re adults, damnit, and adults have dinner parties. There were a few differences between this dinner party and one my parents would have. For one, it was a potluck. Secondly, there were no assigned dishes or courses. So we ended up with a hodgepodge of a feast. I made homemade ravioli and pesto, which was quite an ordeal. I own a pasta maker but seem to have misplaced the crank. This leaves me with what can only be seen as a very large metal paper weight until I replace the crank. Anyway, I had all the ingredients and an entire day ahead of me so I decided to go through with the ravioli. This meant rolling the dough out by hand. Sounds fine…hard but fine. Except I don’t own a rolling pin. I do own a muddler though (I have my priorities straight) so that’s what I used. If you value your palms, don’t do what I did. After rolling out small portions of dough as thinly as possible, the palms of my hands were literally bruised. All worth it though, the raviolis were a hit. As were the dumplings (frozen from ….shoot, Tasty Dumpling? One of those dumpling specialists in Chinatown), the “Asian Tacos,” and crepes. But for me, the best dish was the spam sliders made by our host. 


I had never had spam before. It’s meat in a can. And it’s not even refrigerated. That makes me very nervous. Also there was a girl in college who used to just eat it with a spoon straight from the can, which was an image that haunted me. You shouldn’t be able to eat meat from a can with spoon. But our host is a spam fanatic and foodwise I trust her to the end of the earth. She introduced me to chicken feet and duck feet and all sorts of other dim sum delights. 

And she didn’t steer me wrong this time either. The sliders were awesome. Spam is awesome. It’s like a lean version of scrapple. Paired with cheese (American…of course) and sauteed onions, it was salty and fatty and the texture was only slightly off putting. I can’t say that I’ll be cooking up any for myself any time soon – having to slide meat out of a can is still something I can’t get used to. But I won’t turn down a breakfast of spam and eggs or an onigiri stuffed with spamity spam.


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spam musubi: (sp?) spam soaked in soy sauce or whatever, fried in a pan, and then slaped on to some sushi rice and wrapped with nori. do it! it’s delicious!

Comment by Priscilla, H.S.L.M.

Whoo! Genny is a culinary genius!

Comment by Alex

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