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Well…there goes my dating strategy
April 24, 2009, 3:03 pm
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Just in case you don’t read the London Sun on a regular basis, there was an article a couple of days ago that revealed that “lads do not find women more attractive after downing a few pints.” Shit. Apparently the opposite is true: they are more likely to find women – who they would usually get the hots for – unattractive. So ladies, stop forcing booze down your crush’s throat and get to the gym. (Btws, the study also theorized that being drunk does not affect age perception. So when hubby comes home from shtupping an 18 year-old saying that, “Hey babe, I though she was 34, I was drunk,” tell him, that the London Sun disproved that and then tell him hey, even if she is 34 it’s still not cool, douche.) Read more about how all hope is lost for us uggos here.


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