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Mother’s Milk!
March 5, 2009, 4:47 pm
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I’ve been waiting for the breast milk explosion to happen.  It’s the ultimate locavore food! (Legally that is.  Because, of course, the most local of foods is human meat.)  It hasn’t quite exploded yet but Vice Magazine gave the human juice a boost by setting up a cupcake challenge where a subject tasted confections made with cow milk and breast milk and chose a favorite.  The outcome?  From Vice: “he held up the cupcake in his right hand and said, “This one is vaguely tastier.” And guess what, it was the boobcake! Breast milk officially wins!””

Awesome.  I hope we start seeing more items made from le lait teton – though it would weaken the prank I plan on playing on people when I get knocked up – breast milk in everything! Coffee, cereal, everything. It’s going to be hilarious.  For everyone.  

If real momma milk isn’t your thing then maybe this will fit the bill:



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Not planning on getting knocked anytime soon, are you? And breastmilk is kinda blue, would be a bit wierd on cereal

Comment by Terry Sterling

I am actually fascinated with the idea of human cheese. do you think that the taste of the cheese would be impacted by the hotness of the female? If so, I’d like to be a triple creme brie, or maybe even pepper jack.

Comment by ifail

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