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Another annoying device
March 1, 2009, 2:06 pm
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I’ve been mulling on this invention for awhile.  I can’t pinpoint why it bugs me so much.  Maybe it’s because of what it implies about people these days: we’re so preoccupied with important things like American Idol and restocking the cat’s automatic feeder that we can’t keep track of a simple jar of mayonnaise or bottle of wine.  Really?  You don’t remember when you opened the milk?  Don’t know if it’s gone bad?  Just smell the damn thing.  Look at it.

Another reason I don’t like this is because it is being marketed as something to use to keep tabs on how long your wine has been open.  That implies that it’s been open and undrunk for over a day.  That doesn’t really happen in my home.  It bothers me that it happens in other people’s homes.  I mean, over day, fine.  Over two days, maybe.  But once it gets to the point when you need to buy a digital doohicky to keep track of your wine?  You probably just shouldn’t buy wine.

And that’s the thing that annoys me today. 

Buy them here if you’re the kind of person I’m probably not friends with.


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