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February 27, 2009, 12:39 pm
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Ever since I moved into an apartment with a (relatively) level stove and enough counter space to use a cutting board I’ve been wanting to make something hearty. Stew came up in my thought process. Chicken stock was another idea. I wanted to use a big pot and I wanted to keep something simmering. But the decision was made for me when my grandparents gave me some supplies from back on the ranch: homemade chili powder (thanks to the winery chef, Ruben Gomez!) and homegrown and dried beans.


Blurry beans! Sorry, I keep insisting on using my iphone to take photos and don’t have the steadiest hand.


Awesome chili powder! This stuff was just the right amount of spicy. Nice and smoky it really made the dish. My grandfather uses it in his bloody marys, something I am definitely going to try the next time I have the fixin’s.

I used a recipe I found online – I believe – and doctored it with Mark Bittman’s recipe in How to Cook Everything so it wound up being my own creation.

The reason I chose the recipe I did was that it included two meats. Pork shoulder and beef. Awesome. Double meat chili = double the tasty.


There’s my bowl of meat after browning the pieces. Though the market I live closest too isn’t the fanciest – it’s no Whole Foods – it does have great stewing meats. the pork had some great fat on it and even some skin – which I didn’t use in the chili but I thought that was cool.


Onions, garlic (lots, 10 cloves) and chili powder. This is when the apartment started to smell like home and started feeling like a real adult.


The nearly finished product after adding the meat, beans, chicken stock, other herbs and spices, and tomatoes. The recipe called for it to simmer for about two hours (about when I took the picture) but it took about three to get it to the consistency I wanted. I served it up to a few of my lady friends with sour cream, chopped peppers, cheddar cheese, chips and bread. It was amazing, if I do say so myself. The meat was perfectly tender and moist (especially the pork) and the beans were cooked to just after al dente. We did a pretty good job on the pot but I still had enough left over for about two and a half more meals and everyone knows chili tastes better after a night in the fridge.


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Yum! Good job – you can make some for us when you come home

Comment by Terry Sterling

ahh this makes me crave your chili again! would triple meat be too much?

Comment by genny

Don’t forget to give credit to Chef Ruben Gomez for making the chili powder from home dried and grown chilies plus.

Comment by Laurence Sterling

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