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Chef on Chef Action
February 27, 2009, 4:58 pm
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In case you don’t gobble up the food blogs as they post, then here’s some totally expected news: Hosea and Leah are totally getting it on.

They were spotted in Madame X, a totally classy S&M style bar that calls itself “New York City’s sexiest lounge,” making out like teenagers behind the bleachers. If you watched the credits of the finale closely you would have seen an awkward hug turned full on lip kiss turned odd slidy side kiss, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

I wonder who’s the Top Chef in that relationship? Eh? Get it? Nudge nudge!

And no, it’s not just hearsay. The big man himself confirmed it on a call with Time Out New York. So there we go. The first real Top Chef romance. Let’s all raise a glass, congratulate the two new lovers, and hope that this will never, ever happen again.

I realize this isn’t my usual thing to blog about. But I just had talk about it to some one and I figured the internet was a good person.


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Ugh. What happened to Top Chef this season? And the atrocities happened in New York, no less, a place with such bounty that the show could have been incredible. COULD HAVE BEEN INCREDIBLE. But it wasn’t. Don’t let this happen again, Colicchio. You may have a boycott on your hands.

Leah makes my stomach turn.

Comment by bboylimping

They are both eh looking and annoying. I would have preferred to see a Jamie-Stefan hookup, at least that would have been more interesting!!

Comment by Alex

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