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A late post – Valentine’s day
February 27, 2009, 2:45 pm
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I don’t like Valentine’s day. There’s way too much pressure to be affectionate and loving and that’s just not me. I’m not saying that I am a cold, heartless bitch who shuns love but I am not what you would call romantic.

On the other hand. I’ll take any excuse I can to justify eating oysters in the middle of the day.

Since I didn’t make reservations for dinner on Valentine’s (again, too much pressure to stare into your lovers eyes and hold hands across the table…eh…) I decided that we would have dinner in with some meats and cheese from Murray’s. But I also wanted oysters. Since the bfri doesn’t trust me, he insisted we go out for oysters rather than shuck them at home like I wanted to. I relented, not wanting to cause a spat, and we went to the only place that was open for oysters at 3pm: Grand Central Oyster Bar.


Cool ceiling. Classy dining room. But we didn’t go to the dining room. To keep things casual and easy we sat at one of the bars (there are a few).


I ordered beer – a Bluepoint Toasted Lager to be precise. I knew we were going to have wine back at home so i decided to go with a beer – one of my favorites. I love the toasty quality and just a slight hoppy bite at the end. On the bread plate was a couple of grainy, hard crackers and these wonderful little biscuity things.

Bivalves!!! Yum. We ordered 6 different kinds: bluepoint, Kumamotos , Malpeque, Tatamagouche, Island Creek (they were out of Wellfleet), and I forget the last one….oops. I love oysters. I could eat probably fifty in one sitting, easy. When I was little we used to go out to Hog Island Oysters for an annual party where the oysters and the wine flowed freely. At the time, I wasn’t legal to drink (obviously I had a few sips) but more unfortunately I hadn’t developed a taste for the physical bivalve itself. I liked the juice but I didn’t eat the body. I used to follow my dad around and drink the dregs of his oysters out of their shells. I yearn to be able to go to an event like that now. Stupid young me not stupid eating stupid oysters.

After oysters we went home and the bfri got me these:


aw. Yeah, okay so I like flowers. Big whoop. The kittens like them even more and ate about half of them before the weekend was over.

After a couple of glasses of sparking (Iron Horse Blanc de Blancs) it was time for dinner:


A nice green salad made with some romaine, endive and peppers, an ash-covered goat cheese crotin, an aged orange hard thing (not Gouda but like it), and a good slab of Morbier.


The meats we got were Serrano ham and Bresaola. I love me some Bresoala. I think it’s a highly underrated meat product. We also had an epi loaf from Amy’s Baker.

Back home we call a meal like this a meal of “stuff.” Stuff makes a great dinner – low prep, low effort, high awesome factor. We finished the meal with a bottle of Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee (no, there will be no weddings, it’s just a name, and I like the wine, that’s all) and some fruit: watermelon and pineapple. So much better than a heart-shaped chocolate moose cake. No canoodling neighboring couples, no pink and red confetti, no awkward cross-table hand holding. Just some tasty foods and a couple of bottles of awesome wine – the ideal Valentine’s day.


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