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Drink Drinks at Drink
February 22, 2009, 7:21 pm
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A few weeks ago I went for a little visit to Boston.  Boston isn’t known for it’s cocktails.  It’s a beer town.  And hey, I like beer.  I love beer.  I’m drinking a beer right now.  But sometimes I need a good cocktail.
For a while Green Street was my go to cocktail bar in Boston (technically it’s in Cambridge).  But now I can add Drink onto my list.  Out in the middle of nowhere (unless you’re just finishing up a visit to the Children’s Museum, after which I’m sure a drink is very necessary) Drink is an underground haven of fresh ingredients, blonde wood, inventive cocktails and no menus.  That’s right, there are no cocktail menus.  
When you arrive and belly up to the minimalist bar, a smartly dressed, mildly alternative bartender will set you a place with a napkin and a small glass of water and ask what you feel like today.  What kind of drink do you feel like having, they’ll ask.  Something spicy and a bit citrusy, I told our bartender (who, oddly, was also our regular bartender at Green Street) and soon the drink you see above appeared – I was bad and didn’t write down the specifics but generally it was Rye, Tabasco, lemon juice and……..something else….sweet vermouth maybe?  It was awesome.  Perfect.  The next drink I had was more savory with Tequila.  Both were exactly what I crave.  I don’t know why more bars aren’t like this.  I wish I had a Drink around the corner from me.  Or maybe just a personal bartender.  Or bartender monkey.  Yah.  I’ll name him Keith.  

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Keith? What don’t I know?

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