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If we are what we eat then we’re rodent filth
February 13, 2009, 2:33 pm
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If you’re the type that flees from street vendors for fear of contaminated food, refuses to touch a nice stinky cheese because of the mold or gags at the thought of fried grasshopper tacos, then you should probably just stop eating, because unbeknownst to you you’ve been consuming that stuff all along. The New York Times just printed a piece listing some of the defects allowed in our food by the F.D.A:
“insect filth,” “rodent filth” (both hair and excreta pellets), “mold,” “insects,” “mammalian excreta,” “rot,” “insects and larvae” (which is to say, maggots), “insects and mites,” “insects and insect eggs,” “drosophila fly,” “sand and grit,” “parasites,” “mildew” and “foreign matter” (which includes “objectionable” items like “sticks, stones, burlap bagging, cigarette butts, etc.”).”

yum. Nothing like some good burlap or insect filth to brighten up a meal.

Become more paranoid and read the full piece here.


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Personally, I prefer mammalian excreta and cigrette butts.

Comment by Terry Sterling

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