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My kind of Valentine’s gift
February 4, 2009, 6:28 pm
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bottle-of-wine-glass1(Ignore the bottle next to the glass)

If anyone was wondering what to get me as a present – for my upcoming birthday, Valentine’s day, or just to show your ever-overflowing appreciation of me and my amazing talents, then wonder no further.  I want a set of these glasses. Each one holds an entire bottle of wine –   I don’t know why I was hungover the next day, I only had two glasses of wine….two 750 ml glasses of wine.

I had these ugly florescent plastic goblets in college that each held half of a bottle, which I thought was kind of romantic.  They were couples’ glasses, at least the kind of couples I’m involved in.  But they don’t hold a candle to these guys.   It makes sense: as I grow so should my glasses grow.  And yes, I said I wanted a set because while, sure, it may be just me and my cats and a bottle of wine (or just one big old glass in this case) some days, the other days I want to share my bounty with friends.  Because I’m giving that way.  Though I would definitely start bringing my own glass to dinner parties – it’s all about efficiency.

You can buy them for me or your loved ones here.


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A magnum, 2 of these glasses and a loved one. Now that’s a date!

Comment by Michael LeGue

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