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Cheese Scraps from Zabar’s
January 23, 2009, 12:57 am
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odds and ends

One of the perks of working on the Upper West Side is working near Zabar’s.  Ah, Zabar’s…each section of that store could merit a post of its own.  It’s an adventure just entering the place – a battle between you and a very determined group of New York natives, who are a group i’ve learned not to mess with (or a group with whom i’ve learned not to mess, for you grammar sticklers).  But before I get into a long monologue about my many trials and tribulations involving Zabar’s, let’s talk about one tiny, but very important, item they sell: something I call cheese scraps, also known as “odds and ends”.  These are the leftovers from the cheese department.  The contents of the bag can range from American to Goat to Danish Blue.  Every so often a small shopping cart full of these grab bags appears in the department.  Sadly, when that happens it merits a good day for me.  I take joy in the little things in life these days: when I don’t hear some one on my street threaten to “burn all the buildings down” (it happens a lot….people have really be wronged by the buildings on a small block of East 8th apparently), when the express train pulls in right as I get to the platform, when the hot water works in my apartment and when cheese scraps appear in Zabar’s.  


See how cheap?  It’s like an adult party favor!  In fact the next time I have an adult birthday party (complete with booze filled pinata and heavy petting zoo (sorry parents, it was too good to resist)) these will be the favors.  But for the time being it’s just a bag of awesome cheesy surprises.  I haven’t delved in yet, but I spied some good looking blue and a nice semi-soft kinda stinky looking chunk that seems promising.  It’s going to be a good week.


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Is this a daily event?!
Inquirying minds want to knoooow.

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