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Raccoon…It’s what’s for dinner…soon.
January 15, 2009, 5:59 pm
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Raccoons – bandits of the natural world.  Commonly seen rummaging in dumpsters, flattened on roads or, if it’s really dark and you’re out in the country (like where I’m from) they can easily be mistaken as cats (not a fun time for either of us).  Soon, according to the Kansas City Star , they will also be seen on dinner plates.  They eat our garbage, we eat them…it completes some sort of dirty, unhygienic circle of life. 

I am all for expanding my carnivorous horizons.  And I have always been told by my father that the cuter the animal, the tastier it is (think lamb, veal, piglet).  So raccoon must be delicious, at least if you go by the above picture.  But it’s no chicken.  The dark meat, as cheap as it is ($3-$7 EACH!) takes a lot of preparation.  According to the article, the meat needs to be “thawed. Then brined. Soaked overnight. Parboiled for two hours. Slow-roasted or smoked or barbecued to perfection.”  I only get that involved with a meal if it’s a holiday or anniversary and I don’t see a significant other or family member truly appreciating being served an animal that is thought of among most as one step above a rat as a meal for a special occasion.  

But hey.  Let’s face it.  The whole “writing” thing doesn’t pull in a whole lot of dough…so if I see raccoon the next time I’m shopping down in Chinatown I’m buying it.  $3-$7 per animal?  Imagine the savings!


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I’m sorry But SERIOUSLY why are you going to tell about these cute animals that just look for food if you have a problem with them going threw garbage why not look for solutions in stead of going and making them supper? it is cruel to try and make them supper instead of just release them some where it can survive and live a full life instead of eating raccoons who by the way have loads of diseases that aren’t always killed.

Comment by Angel

It’s not a cruel thing. It’s the cycle. It’s not called the food chain because it sounded cool, you know. And if you can make a decent and healthy meal out of it in this economy, more power to you.

Comment by Lucy Fur the Demonic Raccoon

I have grown raspberries here on the Oregon coast for 60+ years.This year,for the first time,the raccoons are savaging them. In 2-3 days they have destroyed @20% of the crop.

Comment by Bob

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