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January 6, 2009, 3:26 pm
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quaducant-before carving

There it is in all its rolled up glory.  True bird on bird on bird action.  In case you can’t figure it out – the quaducant is a sausage stuffed quail stuffed in a duck stuffed in a pheasant.  It comes packed in styrofoam in a large box, all the way from the dark lands of Cajun cooking, complete with cooking instructions.  Trussed up and ready to go. 

Have you ever seen the Wuzzles?  It was a favorite cartoon of mine as a youngin’.  It concentrated on the hilarious and heart warming antics of a group of composite animals.  Example: Bumblelion = a cross between a bumble bee and a lion.  My favorite was Moosel, who was half moose half harp seal (I’m not sure why they got so specific with the breed of seal, but it’s that attention to detail that made the show such a hit).  ANYWAY.  Eating this thing, this fowlest of fowls, was a lot like eating a character from the Wuzzels – in the best way possible.  



See all those rings of meat?  Yum.

We roasted him (them?) up and served the usuals along side: stuffing, fingerlings, gravy, and brussel sprouts.  The leftovers made tasty sandwiches the next day.  The two meals the quaducant made were, in my opinion, well worth the death of three birds (or one Disney character).  

Photo Credit: Laurence Sterling (aka my pops)


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An uppity turducken.

Comment by Resalin Rago

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