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Trader Joe’s Hofbrau
May 22, 2008, 2:05 pm
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Since coming to New York I have enjoyed many spoils of the city: 4 am closing times for bars, second happy hours at 3 am, 24 hr Korean delis…the list goes on and yes, mostly involves things that happen after midnight. What can I say? I burn easily. I have to be nocturnal. But I do miss some things from my past life in the Northeast: stars, basements, etc. (see previous post). But mostly I miss affordable beer. Back in the NH you could get a 12 pack of Blue Moon for $13! Here you’re lucky to get a six pack under tend dollars.

The upside to that is that it means getting a draft beer at a bar for $5 is more worthwhile than splurging on a 6 pack. Incentive to actually go out in public. Well, it was until one day at Trader Joe’s while lurking in a corner, waiting for samples of mushroom risotto to be ready, I looked around and found myself in the beer corner. There were the over priced 6 packs, the ridiculously overpriced large format bottles of beer and – – could it be? reasonably priced 6 packs of Trader Joe’s own brand of beer!

For around $6 a 6 pack this was a relief to find. I could live in the city happily. After checking out the merchandise I decided on the Hofbrau – a golden, German brew meaning “the brew of royalty” – because, if I’m being honest, at 7 percent alcohol it was the best bang for my buck. And as I’m on a graduate student budget, my bucks are precious.

It’s been a staple for me ever since that first fateful day. Lightly hoppy but full in body with just a touch of sweetness, it’s a great bottle for a just an evening sun-downer or a nice pairing with a light dinner if I don’t feel like opening up a bottle of wine.

So thank you, Trader Joe’s, for giving me affordable beer. Now if you could just get to work on ending the constant construction outside my door things would really start looking up.


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But have you tried the Simper Times beers at TJ’s? Only $3.99 for a six pack of cans and more than adequate in taste for that price. Plus, it’s 6.2 percent alcohol, so it’ll getya drunk. Info:

Comment by invertedsoapbox

I’ve been meaning to try that….6.2 I like that number.

Comment by jksterling

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