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The End of an Era
May 21, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Over the weekend I had a chance to return to the ol’ alma mater – Dartmouth – for Green Key. Green Key is my favorite Dartmouth party weekend because it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. Winter Carnival purports to center itself around ski races, homecoming around a football game…but Green Key just celebrates free beer and maybe good weather.

It was a nice break from the city – the air was clean, you could actually see stars (I literally forgot they were up there, it was a bit of a shock), no constant construction (hooray for the gentrification of billyburg centering directly outside my window), and best of all, there was free beer.

Upon arrival I excitedly leaped down the beer and i-don’t-want-to-know-what stained stairs into the basement of sorority. Smelled like home. We started up a game of pong (real pong, with paddles and beer in shrub formation, none of your beirut). All was going well, I was even hitting cups. Then one of my cups was hit. Great, I thought, my first taste of the keystone – Dartmouth’s own baptismal holy water.

It was awful.

I mean, I knew it was awful before. I have often likened the taste to a tepid combination of dirt, bread and urine. But this was worse than I remembered. Gag inducingly awful. There was a distinct meaty after taste that was new to me. And it wasn’t even good meat – it was like those pre-made frozen hamburger patties. Fatty. A touch of kerosene. But I choked it down. Of course. I’m a Dartmouth girl, it’s what we do.

But I do believe it marks the true end to my keystone years. Ah well. It had to happen eventually.


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yea! a new post. I knew you had it in you. But Keystone beer? I wanted to hurl just reading your words! Blach!

Comment by Michael

“Gag a maggot”, as I would say. But then I’m an uncivilized Aussie, so that might be a bit crude!

Comment by Nards

When you have fond memories of a food or drink many years in the past, they are best kept there. Too often, they are destroyed by a matured palate.

Comment by Rick Green

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