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Drinking on a Boat.
March 24, 2008, 6:45 pm
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WOO! Spring break! Cruise! Caribbean!


This is one of the many cruise ship specials that Carnival offered daily, nightly, and any other times they could get to you with a tray in hand. This one is a bit different than some of the others as it comes in a fairly non-remarkable cup.  Some came in things like monkeys or a model of the ship’s exhaust pipe….delicious?  If I remember correctly, that one was like a pina colada on steroids. Yum. That means cut down on the juice and just add a couple more rums.

(Side note: while I was sad to come back and put on a jacket again, I was happy to see this article in the Times. Hooray tiki drinks! It’ll be like I never left the islands.)

Of course I didn’t stray too much from the old standbys:

bloody mary

A delicious bloody mary….nom nom nom….if I may quote lolcats….The best part was that they let you alter it as you want. I like extra Tabasco. It’s like an alcoholic baked potato bar. Awesome. More bartenders should be as unassuming…now if some one would just let me do the same thing with something like a long island ice tea…hmmm…

But it wasn’t just all drinking and sun..and burns…and bioluminescent lagoon kayaking excursions (I like to learn when I travel). No, no. For some, there was work to be done:


Ah, flashing lights and people losing money.

The best part of the night was coming home to the creatures:


I’m getting old, okay! I like towel animals! And sipping good drinks (favorite on the ship: the double mojito…until they ran out of mint half way through the trip…sad face). I can’t be out getting all crazy. No, instead I went to the room and took pictures of towel animals.

Spring break 2008, woo!


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